Flame Tree Barbecue Closure Extended…Again.

In November 2014 Disney announced that Flame Tree Barbecue would be closing for refurbishment on January 5, 2015. At that point it was expected to reopen on March 1, 2015. However, as that date approached the closure was extended to April 22. Now there’s word that the reopening has once again been extended. The new opening date is May 23, 2015.

We suspect that this extension has a lot more to do with the Rivers of Life nighttime show construction – as in keeping guests prying eyes shielded – than actual Flame Tree refurbishment. However, anyone visiting Animal Kingdom this spring should plan accordingly.

Originally the remodel was supposed to focus on improvements to the restaurant’s outdoor seating area. Specifically this meant the installation of more covered areas, including covering the walkways between the seating areas. The ordering area is also expected to see an expansion of its roof, providing cover for guests placing orders. Although not listed initially, we expect new and extensive outside lighting as well – as Animal Kingdom seeks to become an after dark park.

Flame Tree fans seeking some of the menu items can still find them in Animal Kingdom at nearby kiosks.

  • Jumbo Turkey Legs and Pork Sandwich are available at Trilo-Bites near the entrance to Dino Land U.S.A.
  • Half Chicken, St. Louis Style Ribs can be found at Beastly Kiosk and Garden Kiosk near the exit of Tough to be A Bug.


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